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That Smile......

Hi! My name is Brodie and I am 5 years old. I was born with a really rare disorder – like one in a gazillion – it doesn’t even have a name.  It is referred to as an undiagnosed neuro-metabolic disorder.  My future is unknown and I am currently under specialists paediatric care at the Royal Children’s Hospital. I currently attend Yarraville Special Development School and have a very patient and kind brother who attends most of my hospital visits.


Even though I struggle with everyday normal function such as walking, eating and talking and suffer greatly from severe seizures, I’m always smiling. Always.


Thank you all for your kind support this not only helps me but my friends also!


My mum says….


Even though we don’t know how much time we have with our gorgeous child, we spend every last minute trying to offer him every opportunity in life to better his position such as specialist care and physiotherapy. Without such care, Brodie’s body seizes and contorts and he quickly loses any small development that allows him to enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as walking in an assisted frame.


We cannot thank Clayton Utz enough for establishing the Brodie Kelly fund to not only assist our child with desperately needed services and equipment but a means to provide support to other families requiring funding and support.


My Paediatrician says….


I am the general paediatrician who has looked after Brodie for most of his life.


He has a neurological condition, most probably in the tubulin mutation set of diagnosis which has led to cerebral palsy. He is both physically and intellectually disabled and has dystonia and is dependent on a wheelchair. For all of his activities of daily living he is completely dependent on his parents. He also suffers from life-threatening seizures and requires frequent hospitalisations as well as outpatient appointments. He has been admitted, on a number of occasions, to the Intensive Care Unit of this hospital. He has extensive equipment needs for both mobility, as well as all of his attendant care.


I would be more than happy to support the parents in whatever funding they seek as he is a very high-needs child.


Dr Julian Kelly – General Paediatrician


At 2 months old I was admitted to hospital – a paediatrican told my Mum I wasn’t going home until they found out what was wrong with me – I do look a little bit scrawny.


This is me and my family at the lake.  I love to be outside.